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International Trust

How can one establish an International Trust, and can it start on the Block Chain?  Short answer, is Yes. There are different approaches to obtaining intellectual rights, and obtaining a domain name that is on an International Platform, like the Blockchain. We will be using and Eth name service.  With this Technology, The Grantor, can lock rights and ownership in via a transparent validation, this of course would be TRUST Property, the copyrights can be filed with a few different platforms, we show you, which are best and how to utilize the full potential of them. This is key to protecting the Trust assets. Honor is essential in this journey. So to keep things simple let's begin with The creation of the name in this case we will use ".internationaltrust" so for example "TheMcgregorFamily.internationaltrust" or .familytrust even ".privatecitizen" we can also use ".americannational"  I think you get my point.. Let's move on, the potential benefits of using blockchain technology for international trusts are significant. As the technology matures and adoption grows, we are likely to see more and more international trusts operating on the blockchain in the future. So what would you rather be protected by? Local or International?

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